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Active Pregnancy

Our Entreprise

Active Pregnancy is a private institution dedicated to the physical activity and the well-being during pregnancy and post-partum periods.

What we do
We provide classes for:
Pregnancy and Postnatal Periods Women (group/private/home/studio classes).
We offer trainings for:
Health and physical activity professionals (physicians, psychologists, kinesiologists, and physical education´s teachers).
We also have our Food and Nutrition Area and a Breastfeeding Area (offering one to one consultations), among other activities.

Who we are
A team of qualified professionals caring for women during pregnancy and postnatal periods: Obstetrician, Pediatrician, Registered Dietitian, Psychologist and Breastfeeding Specialist.
Leading the team is Mariela Villar (Director and CEO) who created the institution.
We offer 3 type of courses:

  1. PHYSICAL ACTIVITY DURING PREGNANCY: Benefits. Physical limitations. Do’s and Don’ts. Activities to avoid. Breathing techniques.
  2. PHYSICAL ACTIVITY DURING POSTPARTUM: Recovery after giving birth. Hypopressive Exercises.
  3. SWIMMING POOL AND AQUA GYM DURING PREGNANCY: the benefits of swimming during pregnancy. Techniques: pregnancy exercises and breathing exercises. Prenatal water workouts.

ACTIVE PREGNANCY is an entreprise but it is also registered as a SYSTEM created by Mariela Villar, the first one in Latin America.

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Argentina info@embarazoactivo.com

Desde Argentina (011) 15 – 6660 – 3636

Desde Exterior +54 911 6660 – 3636

España – Portugal administracion@embarazoactivo.com

+34 611 23 05 01

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